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Picture of a sound waveSound and music are as much a part of our lives these days as eating and drinking, and research suggests that they can have an equally helpful or unhelpful effect on our bodies and lives as a good or bad diet.

For instance gentle but powerful music or natural sounds - the sea for example - can have a cleansing and relaxing effect on the body, and help restore good health, while loud music or persistent background sounds (like the hum of a striplight, heavy traffic, industrial sounds or alarms, loud sharp sounds or loud bass sounds) can help to generate headaches, anxiety, disharmony and over a period of time can even lead to ill health.

Our bodies have their own natural rhythm...

One simple explanation for these effects is because, as research will show, our bodies themselves have their own natural rhythm or vibratory note.  However the body will also be affected by, and will resonate with, powerful incoming sounds.  As a consequence the natural rhythm of the body may be strengthened by some sounds and completely thrown off balance or threatened by others.

Most of us don't really consider the effects of sound upon our bodies...

Most of us are still much less aware of the effects of sound upon our bodies than for instance the effects of alcohol or fast foods. And it follows too that the beneficial effects of music as an aid to relieving stress, and reviving us, is often overlooked and not given the recognition it deserves.

Therapeutic effect of Annie's music...

Since I started writing and performing music I have been told by many people how strong a therapeutic effect my music has for them and how it has helped them.  This has encouraged me to specialise in this area of composing and performing music for health and relaxation. I like to think that the sounds of music I create can leave the listener feeling 'better' in some way - more relaxed, more positive, more healthy - and in a better position to counteract the effects of the unwanted and often jarring sounds that we are surrounded by in our daily lives.  And, at least, I hope the listener will be able to enjoy the music for its simplicity and its melodies.

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