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The following samples of music, written by me, are tracks from my new album, A Glimmer of Hope.  I hope you enjoy them.

Title Listen
 Honour - piano version* Click here to listen to sample
 Natasha Click here to listen to sample
 Encounter in Venice Click here to listen to sample
 River Story Click here to listen to sample

*The orchestral version of Honour can be heard on Annie Locke website.

A Glimmer of Hope album cover

 The Living Earth

The Living Earth album cover The Living Earth is six tracks of peaceful, crystal clear music written with gentle synthesizer sounds for moments of rest and tranquillity.

The album has sold well over 50 thousand copies - largely by word of mouth.  It has been around for a while, it reached No 1 in the Australian New Age Music charts in 1988.  A number of people consider it to be a classic of the UK new age genre.

picture of Annie Locke at Carmel beach, California

I've also produced earlier relaxation albums that you might like to take a listen to...


Memories album coverMemories is made up of six long playing tracks using solo piano and rich orchestral textures on keyboards. This is my third album and it is based on the legend of the so-called 'Golden Age' - a time on Earth when everything was supposedly perfect and harmonious.


Portraits album coverPortraits is made up of twelve tracks - actually based on musical portraits that I improvised for people. The music is performed on synthesizer with tones of strings, flute and electic piano.

In America this album has been used at the birth of at least 5,000 babies.

Take a look at my videos.

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