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Feedback on Annie's Teaching - Evesham Piano Lessons

I have to admit that so far I have been a bit remiss on remembering to ask for feedback from people attending piano lessons. You can imagine therefore that I'm very pleased, and so appreciate it, when people volunteer the information themselves - and are okay about placing their comments here.

Annie has helped me so much over this year with piano.
Our lessons are well structured and always enjoyable. I have learnt all the basic skills that I need to know to play the scales, chords, sight reading and more. Her lessons are fun and she is an amazing teacher!

Claudia Mauro (age 15) (2018)

When I started taking piano lessons, having no experience at all, my aim was to learn a new skill and enjoy myself. With your skilful teaching and patience I feel that I have certainly learnt skills beyond my expectations - and I am certainly enjoying myself.

Anne A. (2017)

Annie is a patient and skilful teacher, who is able to identify ways to help you develop when you are experiencing difficulties. She creates a calm atmosphere helping you to relax and thus improve your playing. I really enjoyed my lessons and feel that I progressed well.

Fiona Sayle (2017)

Thank you very much for the past 3 years! An excellent teacher that I could not have achieved Grade 2 without. I will take my new skills off with me to Uni.

Ewan Roberts-Ellis (2017)

Throughout the years I have been with Annie I have learnt a lot of skills on the piano. She is also a very nice person and easy to get along with. She makes the lessons very enjoyable and fun to learn the piano.

Grace Harradine-Eames (age 14) (2017)

Thank you so much for another year of patience and encouragement. I appreciate it and enjoy my piano playing.

Anne A. (2016)

Annie, thank you for your patience over the past year. I enjoy our lessons very much.

Caroline L. (2016)

I've thoroughly enjoyed re-learning to play the piano over the past two years. I'm now inspired by Annie to continue playing the piano, bearing in mind all I have been taught, and I may well return to piano lessons when my commitments allow.

Rozanne B.

Thank you Annie for yet another most enjoyable year - and your patience and dedication!

Anne A.

Annie, thank you for all your patient help over the past year. I still love every minute of the piano!

Caroline L.

Annie taught two of my daughters for a number of years and so impressed, not to say envious, was I of their progress that at the age of 50 I took up the piano and joined them as Annie's pupil.

That was almost 5 years ago and during that time, I have progressed more than I would have thought possible. Annie is patient , sometimes beyond belief, flexible, when I have to work late and have to switch lessons around, but above all has made the whole process of learning a pleasure. I would recommend her to anyone taking up the piano whether they are 5 or 55.

Paul H.

Annie has been the most friendly and encouraging teacher. I made great progress without feeling pressured or rushed and have had a lovely time while doing so. I would strongly recommend Annie as a teacher for people of all ages and abilities!

Natasha H.

Over the years starting from childhood I have experienced various styles of piano tutoring. However whilst I have been with Annie the past few weeks I feel I have learnt so much. The correct use of the pedals, timing, expression for example, things I should have been taught before. I feel I understand the piano now and enjoying my lessons and playing immensely.

Pauline O.

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful piano lessons I've had for the past decade! It's been such a pleasure and you're a wonderful teacher, and an extremely talented pianist. I will miss my lessons very much...

Tom S.
[Tom has now gone off to Uni to study economics.]

Many thanks for your patience. I'm enjoying the journey; however slow it is! I have surprised myself having no musical experience to be playing simple pieces, this of course is a testimony of you as a great teacher.

Gwilym J.

Thank you for your hard work and patience with me! I am thoroughly enjoying my lessons.

Anne A.

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